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It was a cool evening in the Blue ridge Mountains. After the long drive on the dirt road, Jake pulled the old Ford truck into the driveway and then the parking lot. There were 5 boys who looked to be about 18 or 19. They were all around the bed of a newer black Chevy truck, elbows on the sides  as they passed a bottle around while laughing  and talking boisterously. Jake put the truck in Park and opened the creaking door. He could hear the toe tappin music coming from the huge red barn. He walked across the parking lot, boots crunching on gravel under foot. Jake walked up to the huge sliding doors that were slid open about 6 feet apart. Golden glowing light from torches and Edison style string lights radiated from the inside. He stepped in and saw people in the center of the area dancing to the fast paced Bluegrass music played by the band. There was a fiddle, stand up bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin all playing the toe tappin mountain music. There were chairs and people all along the inside walls of the barn. There were several buffet tables with blue and white checkered table cloths placed at strategic distances apart, well stocked with refreshments and snacks such as pork rinds, cocktail wieners, cheese and crackers and other sundry finger foods. The barn smelled of old leather, horses and hay. it was a lively place and Jake knew most everyone there. He walked up to a group of men he knew and started talking with them as the beautiful Bluegrass music wailed throughout the music hall. 

Jeff Marlowe

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